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Standup Paddle: Lahaina

Standup Paddle: Lahaina
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1.5 Hour Group Paddle Lessons All instructors are First Aid / CPR and CORA certified.
7am, 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am 1:00pm Located in Lahaina, Maui

Tour Description

Beginner Group Lessons:

Paddeling lessons are held in the calm reef protected blue-water lagoon in Lahaina. The crystal-clear waters provide an idyllic flat-water playground for learning and paddeling. When you combine this with the reputed instruction, your success and fun is guaranteed.


SUP is easy to learn in one lesson and is amazing for building and strengthening balance, core, posture, circulation, breathing, relaxation and discovering a new mode of water transportation. The lessons presented in this course will give you a solid foundation of safety, fundamentals and ocean-awareness and allow you to make rapid progress in the sport. It will be one of your most memorable vacation excursions, one you can relive at home on any body of calm water. Lessons are scheduled daily, early morning recommended.