Gift Registry

Great for your Maui Honeymoon or – Anniversary – Birthday – Hawaii Vacation Family and friends are constantly looking for a unique way to provide a memorable gift to show their affection and happiness for your Maui Wedding and Honeymoon. Our Gift Registry is designed specifically for your Maui Honeymoon and Maui Vacation. Here's how it works.

Pre-select the itinerary of adventures that are of interest and your choice of days for each event. Perhaps you look forward to a tropical beachside luau, a romantic dinner on the beach or a world-class snorkel excursion.

Afterwards, give us a call. We will establish a record of your selections in our data base and you can list Maui Fun Guide and our contact information as one of your preferred Gift Registry sources.

From the day your registry is created, family, friends and guests can begin purchasing from your list of exciting adventures.

When you call to confirm, we will provide you options as to how your registry can be promoted. We can supply you a sample email message that you can forward, tastefully encouraging participation. Or, you can provide us with an email list and we will be happy to dispatch an equally fitting note of your desired activities.

It's quick and easy to design your perfect dream trip and at the same time, provide an exceptional and matchless Maui Honeymoon gift idea.