Why Choose Us To Plan Your Things To Do In Hawaii On Your Maui Vacation

We want to make your Maui vacation special, and save you some money at the same time! The staff of the *Maui Fun Guide* has been involved in the Hawaii activity industry since 1988. Our business has evolved to assisting thousands of visitors each year with one constant mission in mind. Provide the most reliable service, personal attention and the very best *Maui attractions* available, at the most reasonable price.

The most significant message that we can deliver is the necessity to *reserve the fun* events you look forward to as soon as you know you are coming.

You have reserved your air, accommodations and transportation. The same care and urgency should be given to planning the memory making experiences you anticipate as well.

It’s easy to see why the best things to do in Maui will sell out before you arrive. Since the muifunguide.com is a FREE reservation service and since there is *no pre-payment required* for any on-island activity…why not take the opportunity to guarantee your events and your first choice of days.

In doing so, you will actually be *saving money and valuable vacation time*. Here’s an example. Imagine arriving on-island and the excitement you feel on your first day. Then you decide… “Sure there are a couple of adventures I’d like to do.” Although, (1) How do you choose which company is best for the activity you would like to do and (2) Who can you count on for first-hand knowledge and honest advice to help you make the reservation?

Do you start looking through the dozens of visitor publications and the hundreds of choices or do you rely on a commission driven street vendor?

We provide you the option of planning your Hawaii activities early in the comfort of your home, weeks or months in advance. As well as selecting the absolute best companies, getting the best seats, with *no pre-payment for any on-island event*, you know your special experiences are guaranteed and waiting.

The simple reality is this. You need to *plan ahead* for visits to your favorite Maui attractions; we offer all of the tools to do just that.

*This is a cold-hard fact.* Most Hawaii activity web sites and island tour desks (95%) are connected with timeshare sales. Their goal is simple. Offer hard to believe discounts on activities if you submit to going to a “brief” timeshare presentation. The brief presentation winds up being 4 or 5-hours and the discounted activities are a *“get what you pay for.*”

To summarize, the Maui Fun Guide offers only the *best Maui attractions*. The exciting adventures on this site have been selected top-rated as chosen by the visitors. These Maui attractions have been selected #1 for their superior service, quality, value and most importantly fun!

With Maui Fun Guide, there are no grey areas. We provide the best services from the best in the business… period!

In addition to helping you plan your adventures quickly and easily *before you arrive*, we are also available during your stay to act as your personal concierge service. Simply pick up the phone any day of the week to get advice on the best beaches, restaurants, hiking… or whatever will save you time and legwork. That is what we do and we are delighted to be of service.

So remember, choose *Maui Fun Guide* as your guide to all Maui attractions.